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Welcome To Our Practice

Initial Consultation

Your consultation with your chiropractor is to determine how we can help, how long it will take and the benefits you will receive from chiropractic care. Your first visit is for our chiropractors to learn more about you, your condition, your expectations and to determine how to meet your goals and health potential.


Full Health Examination

Based on what we find in your consultation we will perform a full health examination consisting of:

A Posture exam, Spinal Exam, Orthopedic exams, Neurological exams, all necessary Regional exams, and X-rays if required.

We will discuss your plan of care before commencing so you feel secure and comfortable.



Based on your presentation, it may be required for us to take x-rays to get a full evaluation of your condition. X-Rays will only be taken if absolutely neccessary. 

X-rays assist us to diagnose serious conditions that can be causing your discomfort and allow us to develop the most effective care plan for you.  In our experience when people view their x-rays they are often able to directly associate areas of discomfort to areas of alteration in their spine.


Report Of Findings

After your Initial consultation and examination a report of findings will be scheduled as soon as possible. In-between these visits your chiropractor will be assessing your case, creating a care plan, and will determine if you are eligible for chiropractic care.

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