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As Chiropractic focuses on the Nervous System we are able to help a wide variety of conditions.

Here are some of the most common. 

Headaches and Migraines are very common and are accepted as a part of life by many people. Patients who receive regular Chiropractic care often notice a significant reduction or complete removal of headaches.

Neck pain can range from a mild nag to an immobilising condition. Chiropractors have an excellent track record of accurately diagnosing, reducing and removing neck pain.  

Low Back and Leg Pain can occur together or by themselves. No matter what pain is affecting your lower body Chiropractors are highly skilled at determining the cause of lower body pain and determining how long it will take for you to be back up and running.

Mid Back Pain - The lungs are protected and surrounded by your rib-cage. When your ribs and thoracic spine become fixated or stiff they limit the natural expansion of the chest and decrease your breathing capacity. Chiropractors can remove these fixations when present and allow you to breathe the best you possibly can.

Sciatica is pain that travels down your legs usually as a sharp or burning sensation. This is often from the compression of the sciatic nerve from the surrounding tissues. Chiropractors are specially trained in managing sciatica, knee, and ankle conditions.

When your Nervous system is not in the right position it places extra strain on your body, increasing the amount of energy you use for everyday activities. This leaves you feeling drained and many people report a feeling of increased energy after adjustments.

Scoliosis is when the spine deviates from the mid line of the body. This condition most often occurs in teenage girls and if left unchecked can result in surgery later in life. Chiropractors train to manage and monitor scoliosis with the use of X-rays, spinal adjustments and will refer when needed.

Arm Pain can be caused by many things such as overuse or injury. In some cases the cause of arm pain is referred from compression of the nerves in your neck. No matter the cause Chiropractors can determine the source of your pain and how best to manage it.

Whiplash is when your head is thrown backwards and forwards rapidly. This strains the muscles and ligaments of your neck and in more serious events can cause brain damage. Chiropractors are excellent at managing neck pain and resulting conditions from such injury's.

There are more issues that chiropractors can help with, If you are unsure if your problem is something we see, leave us a message on the contact page or give us a call and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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